In the press

This morning i received an email from Becca our head of press to say "you are in You and Your Wedding"

She gave page numbers and everything. I emailed back to ask what the devil i was going to do after she were married and stopped reading the magazines.

"Don't worry" she said, "afterwards I will become a wedding blogger. Isn't that what all brides do nowadays?"

This is why i am doing her wedding.

The Hound has had his nose put out of joint a little, on the opposite page to our flowers, were whippets. 5 of them, all tied up with ribbon. Looking very very cute.

He is sulking.

I have found my wedding inspiration.


flwrjane said...

Hmmph, another magazine I can't buy here.

Maybe Becca would be kind enough to gather them all together and send them to a beauty starved soul in Virginia?

Eye candy indeed:)

xo jane

Becca said...

Omg I'm actually famous.

Jane, I pounced on my last copy in the newsagents this morning. I would have squealed with excitement but I was smarting over the fact the price of a chomp (chocolate bar for Jane) has gone up from 10p to 20p. Tut.

I think YAYW is my favourite as there aren't TOO adverts and the real weddings haven't been on blogs ever (which drives me potty because why spend £5 on a magazine when you can get them for free). Hooray for the genius that is our Miss P.

FYI I am opening up my blog to sponsors too. Ideally Cadburys, McVitties, Pimms and Waitrose.