There's more....

Must finish reading people's emails. Must not get sidetracked by their engagement stories.

We are also included in the flower advice bit. Florists like me, and Javier, and some other people who i don't know, but i do know their work (it is good) are sharing advice on where to spend your floral budget. There are some really good tips. Well done to Julia Scirrotto, who took my waffle and made me sound like i know what i am talking about.

Also there is a column called My World, which asks dress designers about their inspiration. It is Stephanie Allin, she of the whippet ad campaign. Her answers were very sophisticated, she doesn't mention tomatoes once.

Go and buy a copy now, for the advice, and the whippets.

also this is what The Hound looks like when he is sulking.


Rachel {finch and thistle} said...

Congrats Miss P! Would you (or Becca) kindly post a closeup of the advice part so that those of us on the other side of the pond might read it?

Mrs T-J said...

Thats it Miss P, at this rate I am going to have to purchase a new book case just to store your publications.

As ever very well done lovely and clever one, basking in your glory by association, of course.

As for Hound, threaten him with a "puppy mauling visit" chez T-J and he is bound to realise things could be a whole lot worse! xxx

Primchick said...

F-A-M-E... I'm gonna live for
e--v-v-er... well done you..:0)