Just follow the light

And don't be afraid of the dark
In the moonlight
You'll dance till you fall
and always be here in my heart

Today is a much better day, all it took was a pot of peroxide, a centre parting, and a lot of kohl, and a man coming into the shop and saying.....

"you have some cool stuff"

and Becca emailing to say pages 22, 122, 123 in Wedding flowers magazine.

and a quick chat with Mr Naylor about a party.

and the lovely Spanish man with the ham on the farmers market.


Another weekend, another grand prix, some more weddings.

Also i have word that my good intentions of optimising the site for mobile phones was bad. I have unoptimised. There has also been word that big corporate offices are banning blogs, like they do with Facebook and Youtube. This is an outrage, how do we get round it? Does the RSS feed thing get through?

oh and Travis. It's a feel good, road trip kind of song.


flwrjane said...

It only ever takes a pot of peroxide, and a pedicure and some peonies.

all good things begin with P today.

xo J.

Sarah said...

As an aspiring florist and event designer (and dog-lover) I love your blog and read it every day. Hopefully that will add an extra smile :) Sarah x

Becca said...

How I love thee old fashioned flowers and books and flies and things.

Incidentally part of the reason I am leaving corporate job for a more corporate job elsewhere (hopefully) is not because I am overworked and underpaid but rather because they've BANNED blogspot. Rubbish. Spoilsports.

Also Jane, I disagree with the "P" theory. "Bacon Sandwiches" do not start with a "P". However, much to my delight "P.G. Tips" does. Do you have P.G. Tips Jane? Should I send some over with your copy of Miss P's magazine cuttings?