Life swap

Today I don't want to be Miss P.

Because that would make me a florist who left her camera on the kitchen table and then made the most amazing arrangement ever.

It would also make me the girl that left the house feeling fashion forward in coral and navy block colour, and then was told by people that i look as though i am going camping/to the beach/too summery.

and also the girl that will punch the next person who uses the word awesome.

So today i am swapping lives. I want to be the girl that owns the perfect cake shop in London.

and the girl that wears perfect summer dresses

This is one of those interactive posts, you can swap your life today too. But with whom?


Anonymous said...

I know it doesn't help at all but take heart in the fact that you have made me smile and I am sure that you look lovely in coral and navy.

If I could swap my life today, I would be retired and that would mean I would be able to spend more time with my grandchildren and especially my granddaughter on her first birthday which is today. I will be there at the weekend for her party but I wanted to be with her today.

The Flower Studio said...

I would most definitely swap lives with my cat.... she is no doubt at this moment in time sprawled somewhere in my flat, following the patch of sunshine across the floor. And tonight I will get home, give her plenty of cuddles, and some fish, and she will do it all again tomorrow!

Hope your day gets better x

Belinda @ Wild Acre said...

The girl in the painting that belonged to my granny, sitting in the sun, elbow propped up on the railings of a cliff-top cafe overlooking the cote d'azur. That would do fine just now.

Mrs Beard said...

Since when do you listen to the sartorial opinions of Stamford-ites? Aggressively colour-block until they learn. It takes at least 12 months for fashion trends to travel up the A1.

If I could life-swap today it would be with the 6 yr old me I saw a photo of this weekend and tell myself to make some different life decisions.

p.s. my lupin is very happy.

loveandlilac said...

I'd like to swap with Adele and know how it feels to have the voice of an angel.

Sarah said...

I would love to swap with you! I want to be a florist (it's my parallel universe life) with a hound and be able to work in my own little zone with the radio up all day instead of in a stuffy office in horrible London. xx

YYZ said...

I'd swap with you, Miss P. Then I'd be the funny, clever girl with such flair who has a flower shop in England and who has a wonderful Hound. (Could I keep my two cats as a sort of "partial swap" plan?) :)

Also, it is the cross of the fashionable to bear: those who don't get it, just don't get it.

Melissa said...

I hate those days of leaving the house feeling great and then it all quickly turns to shit! Today if I could swap my life I would do it with my future self post pregnancy which means I wouldn't be heaving my fat belly everywhere!

Emily said...

Yesterday I wanted to be the girl who didn't work evenings, because I'm tired to hell and back of working at night missing everything that matters - time with my fella, time with my family, people's birthdays etc. A short few hours later I got that wish, but in the wrong form - I am quarantined with chicken pox for a week! Not quite what I was aiming for.