Quelqu'un m'a dit...

.......que tu m'aimais encore. It is a Carla Bruni, curly hair kind of day today.

Some flowers for weddings and other things. The ornamental cherry from the garden of The Stamford Hen, the honeysuckle from the garden of my Grandmother.                                                                        

I tried to use The Hound as a decoy, distract my Grandmother with biscuit eating tricks, whilst i grabbed the kitchen scissors and snipped. Chez Grand-mere is the only place he will eat dry biscuits, she is a vegan, he knows that nothing better is coming.

Turns out The Hound is rubbish at decoy work, and we only managed to slip away with a few strands, but enough for a few vases. He is going to stick to pirating.

Also, if you deliver flowers people will cross streets to say

"You shouldn't have"

"I didn't know you cared"

"For me?"

It is really funny and original.

There is another weekend, what will you do? Will you go to the Rutland Agricultural Show and look at cattle?


Mrs T-J said...

Comment pourrait-on jamais arrĂȘter de t'aimer Miss P ?

Alors! We will be at the Rutland show, I will look at the cattle en passant but I will mainly be found amongst the Bees and an avid spectator for the Lurcher racing. We will be avoiding the Beer and Burger tents boo hoo!

Bon weekend a la campagne! Sensational fleurs comme d'habitude xxx

Becca said...

I don't speak French. I let the funky music do the talking talking now. This is an aur Cheryl type of day.

As well as being the Rutland show it is also the Appleby Horse Fair. I know this because we were stuck behind a slow moving horse drawn vehicle on the A1 for hours last night and I became in a foul temper. AND I didn't see any big fat gypsy brides either.

Happy sunny weekend everyone. Don't you just LOVE June?

megan said...

Ahh, good to know that the wit of people encountering a flower delivery is in the UK as well. I have perfected my fake laugh on these occasions - it just needs a quick withering look off to the side to be recharged and ready for the next person.