Dancing on the ceiling

Lionel Richie is providing the soundtrack to today. Weddings, parties, liaisons, laughter, too too much caffeine.

The petals are of David Austin roses, i would have photographed the roses but.....a rep came to pay a visit. she was lovely, had done her homework, knew my views...I remain unconvinced that these Ecuadorian and Kenyan roses are worth the hassle. Am i wrong?, brides, florists, i would really appreciate your opinions.

Sweet peas from Bryony, one of the coolest ladies i have ever met.

The new window is taking shape, native Americans and cacti. I will reveal all.

Coconut water has arrived on our shores of Stamford. It doesn't taste of coconut or water, but i feel a little LA.

The Boy Wonder keeping an eye on proceedings.

Plans for the weekend? Do you have some? Are you doing weddings and events, gin drinking, pizza eating and sleeping?

Me too

p.s. vegetable chips are the new jaffa cakes


Young blooms said...

Will be mohito drinking tonight and ordered David Austin roses for next week! Will let you know what I think....

Kate@The Gorgeous Flower Company said...

Red wine and Harry Potter........Sad I know! Those DA roses are blooming expensive and everyone thinks they are English and they are not! At least The Real Flower company are honest about their origins! Give me a home grown Ferdinand Pichard though.......

Becca said...

I've been banned from watching Harry Potter. Apparently turning up in costume repeating 'wing-gard-I-um-levio-saaaa' is grounds for pre-divorce.

So obviously I'm going another day and not telling him.

Honestly? David Austen are a bit....dare I say it.....done. I'm sure they smell lovely but I love a bouquet a la Miss P for that falling garden look, not for the squished up petals in the Juliet Rose. Everyone has them. First step David Austen roses, second step blog, final stage a fashion shoot inspired by a mid-summer nights dream or bridal rock.


I am being taken somewhere rather lovely for dinner tomorrow. I have already decided what I am having from the menu porn.

Lovely rainy weekend to all. At least we are not cold and wet and trying to win the Open. Silver lining.

Lee said...

I'd advise against the whole Ecuadorian roses thing, i've been there and seen where they grow them.
I don't know a thing about the whole English florist scene as i've been out of the country for a long time, but my hunch would be to go home grown, and promote the fact; most people probably have NO idea that so many roses could possibly come fro so far away as Ecuador, so i think you're in a very good position to help educate them.

Bloomingperfect Flower Design said...

i agree that DA are extremely high priced, for what they are. Had a few "naff" ones arrive in the past (when placed in a hand tied, they looked like friend eggs, so my husband told me!), i like the imports, although nothing lasts, smells or looks like the ones picked from the garden!