Set fire to the rain

Apparently it is July, although it feels like October. I have been seduced by new items for the pencil case a good 5 weeks early. And the annual shall i dye my hair red? conversation is already going on. Should I? I am thinking Julianne Moore but with more a hint of the strawberry blonde of Nicole Kidman.

British weather living up to it's stereotype. How other nations must laugh.

Eating,sleeping, and reevaluating the plant pots have been the activities. Pizzas have been made with the remnants of goats cheese and char grilled artichokes,the freezer emptied of all the novelty items. Mini pain au raisin. Eaten.

Other conversations have been around the phone hacking/ New of the World saga.  Many people appear to be fed up of hearing about it, but now is it when it gets good, now is when we wonder if it can bring down an entire government.

and we reached down the bottle of Cointreau to toast a friend lost.

and then HRH Polly blogged the photographs everybody has been waiting for.

Mind blowingly beautiful.


Primchick said...

Amazing wedding thank you for sharing :o)

flwrjane said...

Miss P., how beautiful were your flowers.

How beautiful and utterly charming was the whole wedding?

Very contented sigh here in Virginia.

xo J.

Cloggins said...

You would be mind-blowingly hot as a redhead, FYI.

Becca said...

Miss P, let's not stir up political turmoil. I think you forget the power your blog yields, it won an egg cup after all. If you bring down the government we are left with Ed Miliband as Prime Minister. I would have to ummm....ummmm.....umm leave ummm.....ummmm....the country.

And Rebekah Brooks (if she's reading), it's spelt REBECCA.

And oh the photographs. HRH Polly has it again. They make me catch my breath a little. Emily and Stef are so uberly lucky. And Stef ACTUALLY looks like my political philosophy university tutor. Freakily the same. I had to have a second look to check it wasn't him. And the kiddliwinks? So cute.

loveandlilac said...

I'm hooked on the hacking saga - a lot more beans to be spilled yet.

Oh and the wedding photos - they brought a tear to the eye. Beautiful!