Go your own way

Fleetwood Mac's Rumours has been on all day. In readiness for Sunday.

1. some props i am finding it to hard to part with.
2. One of my favourite roses, Two Faces.
3. Proof that the duck/goose lives on, and that the window is now a greenhouse
4. Love hearts, i am sure they were better printed back in the day.
5. We had a supper, right in the middle of the shop, amongst the flowers and the Goliath beetle, more on that later.
6. Rainbow feet.

and to catch up on the celebrity weddings.

Abbey Clancy - bless her, she tried, but...
Kate Moss - sublime
That girl in Monaco - the most miserable looking bride, dreadful dress, most uncomfortable first kiss ever, hoping she does a runner during the honeymoon.

also, marshmallows are fat free. You're welcome.


thisbloominglife said...

As soon as I read the title, the song came into my head. Think it will be an earworm all day now (when a song gets stuck in your head). Love the props, love the hearts and those toes!

flwrjane said...

Turnabout is not fair play.

I had written a long, numbered, witty ( or so I like to think) response to this post and blogger refused to accept my comment.

Probably wouldn't let Becca and Mrs. T.J. respond either.

V. unhappy making :(

xo J.

Anonymous said...

love your sandles/flip flops.