Open your eyes

I want so much to open your eyes
'Cause I need you to look into mine

Tell me that you'll open your eyes

Snowpatrol. Who doesn't like a blast of that for a lunchtime.

Sometimes i can be closed minded. Flowers so loathsome and all that. So i am going to endeavour to open my eyes to other things.

I obviously needed to rearrange the shop for the 394th time in order to achieve this new outlook. Or maybe i was just too lazy to push the table back after we had dinner? Whatever.

I have bought shells, are they naff? Should they be in a pot pourri mix from Marks and Spencer circa '83? Is it a bit odd to have shells in a shop that really couldn't be anymore landlocked if it tried? Did you know baby starfish are cute but smell of tripe sticks?

I have also bought Xanths. This is part of the new outlook. I am going to try and do something amazing with them. so far i am just sneering at them, and then i hid them from my sight.

Do you have suggestions for things for me to open my eyes to? Have you discovered that alstro really aren't all that bad? Did you use aqua rose and just die? also Don't say gerbera.

In all this new outlook, I have also been looking at tattoos.


lou said...

i had one bride who wanted just gypsophila and i had maintain a straight face for far too long, even getting her in to smell it didnt put her off. however a bouquet of just the fluffy stuff and a country church with pew ends and swags of the loathsome material actually looked rather beautiful

good luck with the chrysanthemum, i wish i could be so daring

megan said...

last week I used carnations. I regret nothing.

flwrjane said...

I've gotten to think gypsophila by its lonesome is rather charming....

And I love the green mums and the fancy carnations all moody and water colored looking.

I'm rather iffy about lilies, but I do like those little mums that look like sunflowers.

Oh liatris, THE WORSE FLOWER ever grown. The Yoda of flowers.

xoxo J.

knighton flowers said...

we have to use some in a bridal bq on saturday called skye that are a green and white version of the little blighters you have so i can top trump you there!

YONKS said...

Lovely blog. I am your newest follower. Shells, they might work in an arrangement, inspiration will just come to you, for now on a window ledge in the sun perhaps!

last day of may said...

i love the smell of xanths. i just do and i can't help it. i also find myself buying shamrock ones for the house. i went to a party at the weekend where there were jugs upon jugs of just gyp and it did look nice. it did smell a bit funny though in the tent...maybe i just haven't been around it in that quantity to notice before? i like to put it on my christmas tree if that is any kind of eye opener (and so very unseasonal!)

the shells are a yes from me. and the butterflies.

no chinese symbol tattoos though please. x

Jenny Rudd said...

I love Snowpatrol. Chasing Cars was out when I was heavily pregnant with my son and my eyes leaked constantly at its beauty (due also in no small part to a raging torrent of hormones).

Kelly when I was 19 my boyfriend and I got matching Japanese symbols on the inside of our ankles. We thought them so daring yet classy at the same time. Roll forward 17 years it screams chav. I wonder if the boyfriend had his removed.

bowstreetflowers said...

A decision to GET a tattoo is one kettle of fish: WHAT to have tattooed is quite another. This could be fun. Decide to get one and then take your time deciding on the WHAT. It could be years.

We carry shells, but our starfish don't have a 'fragrance. They do well at Christmas. Go figure.

Yes, I've been sneaking in white carnations a la Lotte and Jaime at Monkey Flower Group. We carry Gerbera to sell as stems but don't design with them. Can never do Alstro.

There's been a new variety of Caspia lately . Closed flower and very creamy buds. Never used it before, but this is pretty.

Laura Coleman said...

Eucharis. It's been a while. For a lady that's named Lilia.

Kay said...

i have been wondering about a tattoo since 1994..still trying to decide.....you and martin should get together re flowers cast out from the florist..i have had to fight (well not a real punch up) for sunflowers today......is raphael real or is he a prop like duck/goose??..xx

Mrs T-J said...

I had cow parsley bundled into balls in oasis, tightly packed at my wedding. Looked rather beautiful, no expense spared of course xxx

I quite like the pom pom variety of xanths, sometimes. Oh dear fear I may have been totally excommunicated for that one!