I may be climbing on rainbows

The sun has just graced us with his presence, just in time for a wedding.

Not in time for the installation, it rained for that. Obvs.

I remembered to take photographs, so you are getting lots. De rien.

I can feel wedding madness kicking in, you want to eat super foods and drink 2 litres of water, but caffeine in the form of extra shots and Diet Coke and bread are inevitable. We have eaten a whole packet of jaffa cakes, and by we, I mean me.

Bread - climbing on rainbows - you knew there was a link somewhere.

The Hound is exhausted, doing nothing, nada, niente all day is evidently tiring.

Also i haven't done anything with the xanths, because i sold them to a man. He was from out of town, Hampshire to be exact, so this is not an indicator that they will sell again. "Never buy twice" I heard that at an auction once. I am adhering to it.

Have a marvellous weekend, are you working your behind off doing weddings? No? Would you like to? I have another box of jaffa cakes.......



Anonymous said...

Jaffa cakes; you have to eat the whole box,it is the law.
Beautiful flowers and the hound,thank you.

loveandlilac said...

Apparently Jaffa cakes are the low calorie snack option of the England football team. You have been warned.

Heavenly flowers by the way.

bowstreetflowers said...

Choking down water but those extra shots go down so smoothly! What's a Jaffa cake?

Primchick said...

No F1 then? Silverston? Nope? Ok, Ok, pass the jaffa cakes then....

Alex said...

I would love to come help with the weddings. Seriously.

flwrjane said...

Still pondering the mystery of 'xanths"?

What it be?

Lovely frothy arrangements, full of the best of summer. I heart them.

Our wedding is not so pretty this weekend. Lots of calla lilies, boring.

Gave me a headache. Unlike yours.

xo J.

Becca said...

Beautiful flowers. J'adore.

I find I'm the same with ginger biscuits. I start drunking, look down and then panic.