Animal Attraction

We are in chaos, many many things going on, and we appear to have been mistaken for the ark.

Raphael has moved on to warmer climes, and Donatello has just this second come to hang out for a bit. Wise owls with jaunty hats of Monarda are perched proffering advice, and swans are doing what swans do.

The Kudu flutters it's eyelashes as people walk by. It has a mysterious glint in it's eye.

The Hound has had to take on the role of zookeeeper, i have promised him a badge.

Many many things to catch up on, a lone female with a bridal bouquet outside a registry office, a wheel nut that didn't get put in place, a very large batch of pizza dough and big jugs.


flwrjane said...

Um I'm blushing.....

xo jane

Primchick said...

Ahh... one can only dream of 'big jugs' mine are small polka dot ones.... :oP

Mrs Beard said...

mmm. pizza dough.

What happened to the solo bride?

Adam Hill said...

Big Jugs, it leaves me wanting more !!

Do Tell ??!!

Yours Mr H