My so called life

On Saturday morning i stood outside the registry office clutching nothing but a bridal bouquet. I was there before it opened, for a good 10 minutes i must have looked like an either overly eager or jilted bride. I know this because many people shouted out of their car windows

"I'll marry you love"

I was just delivering, to a bride who didn't know she was getting it, a present from a friend. I got chatting to the lovely registrar a fellow F1 fan, she could write a book too.

Pizza recipe coming up later.

I have had a sneak peek of the new William Cecil hotel, it looks very very different to how it did in it's previous incarnation. Their tag line is "Quirky Luxury", obvs. i am moving in when it opens on the 22nd. Even if it's just for the fact that 2 of the function rooms are called Darcy and Bennett, and they have good lampshades. I shall be up there quite a bit over the next few days, i will take my camera.

This morning many RAF men have exercised their right to the freedom of Stamford, whilst awaiting their arrival an 11 year old policeman told me that there were some senior officers already here

"if middle-aged men float your boat" said he.

Oh darling if only you knew.

and a Spitfire just flew over.

also Rosa Friedland Old Grandma, i don't know who thinks up these names.

and the big jugs are just that, you all have such filthy minds and i adore you for it.


loveandlilac said...

'I'll marry you love' - wonderful!

I live near Bentley Priory, Bomber Command for the Battle of Britain, and regularly have Spitfire's buzzing over the garden on open days. I don't know why but it always brings a tear to my eye.

Becca said...

Bugger it looks like a fabulous venue.

Please tell me it's small and intimate and can't cope with large numbers?

Love men in uniform. Weakness.


flwrjane said...

I'll still pondering the 11 year old policeman.

Thank God it wasn't your wedding, otherwise we'd all be stuck with these gold dresses and nowhere to were them.

Becca still looking for a venue? Are we in her wedding also?

V. exciting.

xo Jane

Becca said...

Jane, I have a venue. But now I have venue envy. At the very least I can send you a slice of cake. It's very Georgian. You can google. It's Middleton Lodge.

Miss P is obviously booked to do the flowers and I defer to her judgement on all things wedding related. She's like a wedding Yoda.

domestikated said...

Oh, the roses. And the dough looks divine. And the reflection in that tuba is super!

Jenny Rudd said...

The William Cecil - that's where nancy's getting married in September. In my heart it will always be the place we escaped to have a quick smoke between maths and geography.

Kay said...

your police men are 11 too....even worse my hairdresser is 12...xx