Quirky Luxury

The tag line for the new William Cecil hotel.

The first of the parties. This one for the chap that owns the chain.

The Natural History museum meets the Science museum meets The William Cecil.

The first time you do anything for a new client is always a bit daunting, and as we put the microscopes and acid bottles on the tables, there was that thought............

Should we have put calas and bear grass in lily vases instead?

The table settings will be moved to various fireplaces as tomorrow night there is a party for people who don't own a hotel chain,and then Thursday a bridal day. Pop up gawp at the marquee, marvel on how much it has changed, or how we used to use their car park when we were at school.

Also cacti are prickly. Very prickly.


last day of may said...

sublime meets science. you have hit the quirky and luxurious on the head. brilliant. i would love to see it in situ. do they have guards on the car park these days?

Miss Pickering said...

No guards, but it is the party tonight and Gladys and Patsy are going.

Old school in every sense of the word.

Excited and a little scared.