In print

Lapelman has made it into a magazine.

Stars of New Media love it when they are in Old Media.

Everybody loves old media.

It's an article on buttonholes.

It is also a lesson in the advantages of florists learning how to take a half decent picture themselves.

There are some really lovely buttonholes in the article, but it is only the photographer that gets credited. Quite rightly it is their image but maybe brides would also like to know where to get the buttonhole / bouquet/ hair flower from?

Just a thought.

I took the picture, it has my name on it. I'm waiting for a bride to ask me to shoot her wedding.

p.s. i love that Saturdays bride has interrupted her honeymoon to comment on yesterday's post.

Commitment to the cause, also can Matt have a puppy now?


Rebecca Norris said...

A rightly deserved acolade Miss P.

Florist is mighty but Florist With Camera mightier ;)


PS. And a very good point I always though, in a publication of this nature, the florist should also get the credit in case Brides want to hunt down their skills.

Becca said...

Didn't I already ask you to second shoot my wedding? I know your talents are of the similar level to 'first shooter' (do they call it that?) but in this case we all bow to the supremacy of the HRH do we not?

You are also on other pages in the magazine-I meant to email you the link (bad press secretary) but I got all busy trying to package bookmarks and chocolate brownies. Further to the back and one at the front I think.

Ok so I ate the brownies.

megan said...

You would think we would be used to not getting credit but I am always bitter about it. I actually prefer a photographer getting credit to when a blog is credited. I had my work in a prestigious print magazine and only the blog that did not commission or pay for the work was credited.

Kim Fisher said...

That's the reason It's old media- they don't get it. Most new media is very good about crediting everyone.

Mrs T-J said...

Fabulously modelled by Lapelman. Well done Miss P, gorgeous and original just like thee! xxx