Don't throw your husband under a bus

Whilst making these wedding flowers, I watched many episdes of The Real Housewives of Orange County, late into the night.

I adored this couple, after meeting them, I wanted to put them in my pocket and take them home.

I didn't, because that would be odd.

Instead i made them flowers for their wedding, sweetpeas, lily of the valley, freesia, stock, roses, hydrangea. poppy heads, sage, rosemary, mint and many many other things.

and my sisters and i loaded it all and drove to meet the bride and her maids, who all enquired as to the whereabouts of The Hound. Then onto Claridges, where we behaved like tourists as i snapped them outside and tried to work the new fandangly parking meters by text.

and we snacked on the pink champagne truffles the bride had given us for sustenance. Top marks.
and then Clara came and took photos with an old Russian medium format camera.

and then we went for lunch, and realised that outside of work, everybody wearing striped top, jeans, red lipstick, blonde hair, probably looked a little odd.

and then the bride and groom emailed the following day to say thank you. It was a beautiful email, i cried.

I can't wait for the pro pictures....

Thank you to my sisters. Same time this week?


Mrs B said...

ooooohhhhhh, that last shot is divine. I expect that was a very special W day

I have tried working with family. The plus....they are usually cheap, the minus....they never do as told.


flwrjane said...

I have thrown 3 perfectly good husbands under the bus.

What a beautiful wedding. What beautiful sisters.

New reality show: Real Florists Of The Blogland?

You pitch it, I'll get a mani.

xo Jane

Mrs Mac said...

Love it, love it, love it. I bet the room smelt heavenly.

I don't think I would like anything with the word Vicious in near my wedding! But he can't help his name I guess.

loveandlilac said...

The flower arrangements are just stunning and more than worthy of the fabulous location. Your sisters look divine too.

Mother Hen said...

Everything is full of beauty xxx

Urbanstems said...

Fab stems as always. Pitch for the tv show - it would definitely be a winner! Sinead

sactovlr said...

I would watch "real florists of the blogland'! On the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" front - Taylor's (the super skinny one with big fake fishlips) husband hanged himself this past weekend....guess fame and the truth was too much...ugh

Francesca said...

The bride loved the flowers so much she has logged on from honeymoon to look at your photos of them! The ballroom did smell divine. PS: In case I did not tell you our table names were named after our dead pets... we had a shockingly large number. Sid Vicious was the budgie that killed Mad Maggie- another budgie. Mr. Bird was my first pet. Never ask a three year old what to call a pet bird...!