Oh these times are hard

Yeah they're making us crazy
don't give up on us baby.

I just caught the last lines of this song. Seemed apt.

Today is business as usual, a time to look at the good. Whilst politicians lay blame at each others doors, and call us a broken society, we know we are better than this.

So back to the hidden meanings, the sarcasm and the showing you weird and wonderful things i find on my travels.

1. The Mother Hen has switched from being a Margot to a Barbara.
2. You get potatoes to take home too. In a brown paper bag.
3. Floral pictures
4. Good books, rocks and minerals are my current obsession.
5. Old pots and fern.
5. Our postcards have arrived.

In other news I am back to eating mainly carbs, as it has suddenly dawned me that I am never actually going to Marbs.

and this weekend we are doing a wedding at Claridges. I have been out and got myself an entourage.


flwrjane said...

Am I to come?

Let me know ASAP.

Will be there with the gold dress on.

For help and support and fun.

xo Jane

Francesca said...

Yes we are!!!! Am currently tryng to extricate myself from work so that I can leave to get married. Going badly....

Mrs Beard said...

If you cook those courgette flowers, your blog will be a complete circle. Flowers and food and flowery food.

We're cooking ours later, ricotta will be the headline ingredient.

Primchick said...

Claridges, & Barbs in the same sentence..? how fab darlin'... :oD

Becca said...

Francesca....have a bloody fabulous day. We are going to need photos. Miss P. Please remember your camera.

Rebecca Norris said...

I am impressed that you get to your courgettes before they resemble marrows. I am currently miserably failing on that front.

Must try harder.

Mother Hen said...

Marbara here, (get it?), I am presently erecting a stall to place outside of the Big House with an honesty box. Actually what I really mean is if we eat too many more potatoes we are going to burst.........could the Hound be persuaded to lower his standards from fillet steak? Xxx

Francesca said...

Thank you Becca! Is it bad that the part of the wedding I am most looking forward to is seeing Miss P's flowers in real life...?

domestikated said...

I can't get enough carbs this week, don't know what's wrong with me! Glad to know I'm not the only one ...