Guest blogger: Becca goes to the #LMD Soiree

Whilst i was still conditioning roses and frantically wondering where all your dutch crates disappear to, Becca was partying on our behalf....

Last Wednesday I went to the LMD Soiree hosted by the lovely Annabel from the Love my Dress blog held at the Newcastle Baltic.

Don't arrive first. Don't wear a work suit. If you do? To the bar.

Don't try and sneak around twice to get another goody bag for Miss P.

The flowers were stunning. I spent the night trying to find the Appointment Only Design boys. They were hiding. Probably because I almost knocked over the urn trying to steal a flower to wear in my hair. Sorry.

I squealed at Aisling from anyotherwedding  and gossiped with Rebecca Norris. I was fluffed by Severin Hubert and met Annabel, hostess extraordinaire.

I met 200 other people and realised that people are shorter in real life than on the Internet.

There was a burlesque dancer dressed like a butterfly. There was a jazz band. There was cake pops.

OK so you all want to know about the goody bags? Handmade Bookmarks, shortbread shaped like wedding dresses, badges, champagne pops, flags and more cake. I bought something for everyone and am posting to Miss P for distribution.

Thank you Becca, who gets top marks as a guest blogger for providing all the URL's as well.

Another post later from myself of........weddings.


Becca said...

But who loses marks for "was" cake pops instead of "were"

Anna K said...

Oh how I wish I'd been there! Becca, top marks for stealth and for trying to appropriate double your gift bag allocation. Nice flower move, too. You should be the BBC's official Soirée Correspondent.

Clare said...

Perfect soiree reportage Becca - I too squeal every time I meet Aisling, and also would have hunted out the boys of By Appointment Only whilst wearing one of their flowers in my hair, so I feel as though I was actually there.

Aisling said...

Becca, it was a pleasure to meet you! I enjoyed being squealed at a little more than I should have done!

You'll have to report on the AOW gathering! Can't wait to see you again!


Lotte and Bloom said...

i was there but i never got the goodie bag. didn't like to ask but wish I had now it looks like it was a treat.

Becca said...

Lotte, you were on my list of people to find but you remained elusive in my search. It probably would have helped if I'd known what you looked like rather than just hunting on name badges.
I hope you had a cocktail instead! The raspberry romances were divine.

Lotte and Bloom said...

oh, really? that would have been nice becca, i don't think anyone knew me from adam actually. am choosing to believe that is because i am super elusive rather than inconsequential. i did indeed have a cocktail. you really can't go far wrong with a cocktail can you? also you once left me a comment on my blog which was funny and made me laugh, it would have been nice to meet you too.

meryl said...

I see living up north hasn't beaten out your ability to quoff champers and network like a good city girl. London has missed you.
Meryl x

Elizabeth {Bridal Musings} said...

Fab report, Becca. Summed up the night exquisitely. Love that you nearly knocked an urn over with your flower shenanigans. Thank you for introducing me to Miss Pickering's blog too.