Bring that bottle over here

I'll be your baby tonight..

It is Burghley Horse Trials, you can tell because the stress level of the entire town rises. It combusts on Saturday, just when you think that all of the Range Rovers in all the land are finally up there, another one cuts you up. This year they all have caravans too.

I am having a day of being very busy but achieving nothing. Cutting up a red pepper with flower scissors and dunking it in a pot of red pepper houmous whilst wondering if you can die of a capsicum overdose. Advising old women with shopping trolleys what to do with their half dead orchids from Tesco*. Explaining parking restrictions to others, yes all the flowers are real, no we dont sell dried flowers, or keys for a suitcase??

so i have put Robert Palmer on Spotify, and hugged a hound. Tomorrow i bring you a wedding. They met in Quayhole Kate's. This means nothing to a lot of you, but is quite special to the SHS crowd.

*Throw it in the bin, they cost 7p in Tesco, buy a new one.


Lotte and Bloom said...

it's a similar story over here. reading this has made me feel so much better about it though...(thankyou)...X

flwrjane said...

Bring the bottle and yourself over here.

we've got power, food and music.

They'll be dance parties.....

xo Jane

Bow Street Flowers said...

"throw it in the bin".. that's perfect.

Photo Hitched said...

Great advise and so right, 7p seriosuly ?