An English Garden wedding

This was a proper Lincolnshire wedding. A boy from the boys' school, a girl from the girls' school, who first met at Quayhole Kate's. Quayholes is now an antique centre, so we only have our memories of queuing on the bridge, dancing the night away and ending up at Chillimasters.

I digress.
On the eve of the wedding, after sipping a gin, moving around plinths in the marquee and eyeing up the sweet peas in the border, I headed up to the house.

The scene that greeted me was like something from a movie, bride and bridesmaid at a large kitchen table sticking labels onto homemade jam favours, mother of the bride making a casserole and proffering chocolate cake, a black lab, boys scurrying around with wheelbarrows and a Bentley.

It was such a wonderful atmosphere, I didn't want to leave.

Obvs. the flowers were amazing, but it was the sense of family and Englishness and the sweet peas that I shall remember.

Of course I cut them, I used in the bridal bouquet and the cake.

I did get permission.

Also Emily took the pro pics. I can't wait.


Becca said...

This is going to be a corker and a scrapbook wedding I can FEEL it.

I have escaped corporate life and will be free in three hours and five minutes. I can be contacted by hotmail only. Excitement is building.

Dan said...

Wow, everything looks truly exceptional!!! Lovely that you got caught up in the atmosphere too.
PS. How are you enjoying the F1 this season?

flwrjane said...

It sounds like a movie I would watch over and over again.

You of course would do the flowers. I'd direct. Really GG would but she would let me think I was.

The flowers are exceptionally beautiful. You may have outdone yourself.

xo Jane

Amy | Wholesale Roses Co said...

this looks like a renaissance painting!! gorgeous!!

Emily said...

I loved working at this wedding. Yes, the sense of family made my heart sing.
And I loved riding in your new van.
Photos coming really soon x