Missing a trick

A green trick, dianthus Green Trick to be exact. Dianthus meaning carnation.

In old bottles. This is by far my favourite way of displaying flowers. They don't have to be old bottles either.

It is always the simple things that are the most effective.

Orange dahlias would work brilliantly too.

I have the roses that appear on the blog header in the shop again.

Which has made me think that as well as overhauling the shop, we should probably do a new header.

Would something in an orange suit?


Jenny Kingcome said...

Orange rocks.

cara said...

Fluffy flowers! I love them.

And yes, orange would suit. Autumnal. Just no sodding squashes, ok?

flwrjane said...

Green Trick, my fave. Nothing leaves the shop without it.

You could do squashes if you roast them....

xo Jane

found and sewn said...

Orange would be perfect to brighten up this grey day.

HarrietHatPeg said...

I love the orange - it's my hubsand's 60th birthday next weekend and having a little 'do' in the house. I think I'll copy the orange theme if you don't mind x

Mother Hen said...

Things you thought you would never say "I love orange" xxx

Adam Hill said...

Dear Miss P

orange aurait l'air fantastique !

Yours Mr H

Becca said...

I am concerned that the next step from orange is gerbera.

Just putting the concern out there.

That is the day we know the refit paint fumes have gone to your head.