Just like the old man in that book by Nabakov

Gordon Sumner, when he was still hot, you know before he married Trudi and over shared what goes on in the bedroom.

Hyacinths are here in all formats, long stemmed heather - where was that in the summer when i was wiring up short pieces for countless weddings?

and rather aptly after yesterday's post, everything has suddenly gone Christmas.

and now we have a one-armed bandit, a table top one. Not a full size one, that would be ridiculous.

also today i am answering questions on Lotte and Bloom

and almost everyone i hold dear to me is on an aeroplane today, some going, some coming, so you know, no ash clouds and stuff. Thanks.


Becca said...

Lotte's blog is another favourite. I found our wedding venue through it actually. You know, assuming I don't lose my mind and get sucked into a chic city wedding when I am (a) too country and (b) already have a venue and a date.

I'm pondering the update of our Christmas class. I know it's not too soon or too far and we don't want to be bored of Santa before he arrives but I would like more pictures of pine. I love the smell. Debate rages on in our household as to the size of our real tree\whether hell will freeze over and I'll agree to fake (unlikely as I do the hoovering anyway).

I bought my Advent Calendar this morning. My office based calendar is Where's Wally and my home based one is a 3D stable. All M & S obviously.

P.S you must watch/link/love the Downton Abbey clip on ITV website. Think it's coming to the end of the series

My Grama's Soul said...

I just found you over at Jane's.....what a wonderful blog. I am always in love with other gardeners!! So there!!