Hula Hoop

I had intended the above "country" scenes to be white and frosty, but a combination of a lovely supper Chez Stamford Hen the night before and new bedlinen meant it was all rather late.

This was also the weekend i had a go at char grilling avocado.It's on all the blogs. If it seems an odd idea, i have news for you.

It is. Odd.

Served on toast with bacon and salad leaves, and walnuts and Parmesan and a big squeeze of lemon.

Still odd.

and i bought a hula hoop. It was outside one of the charity shops £1.25, apparently it is good for the core. What with hula hooping and the Zumba I shall have abs of steel by the end of the month, probably more from laughing but the end result is the same.

and finally. MaxMara. Just snap it in half and hold it up to your ears love.

and i made some additions to the blogroll.

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