I know we're cool

Gwen Stefani

I love this video.

So today i bought some carnivorous plants and was all set to write a post about  how i quite like them now but not the caricatures on the labels. I am not a huge fan of caricatures least of all holographic ones.

and then 2 things happened.

1. I have reached my image upload on blogger. I have had to buy more image storage, it has cost £2.50. We are going to have to think about sponsorship.

2. A comment on a post from last year, Daffydd Tavinor commented on my blog. It's a comment that will only been something to girls with a Spede bird etched on their hearts.

Happy weekending, i intend to spend the weekend wondering if having my fringe re-cut last night was a good idea.


Amelia said...

Blogger has an image upload limit? Oops.

abigail*ryan said...

You can hit an image upload limit??!!!
I had no idea and now am terrified...


(plants are gorgeous!)