Put the message in the box

put the box into the car
drive the car around the world
until you get heard.

I think this might have been the marketing strategy for Zumba. It has reached Rutland. I am going tonight. Bandwagon jumped on.

Meanwhile back in the shop, Spring.

and in the kitchen, massively influenced by the programme Jerusalem on a plate, i have turned to my well worn Plenty

Raw fennel with salted capers, olive oil and lemon juice.

Sweet potatoes tossed in cumin, chilli and rapeseed oil, baked in the oven, and served with a yoghurt and tahini dip. A few spoons of yoghurt, 2 teaspoons of tahini, crushed garlic, and fresh pomegranate.

Almost as good as chipshop chips. Almost, actually not at all, but still good.

and now i want to go to Jerusalem and Ireland and Morocco.

Has anybody Zumba'd?
or been to Jerusalem
or got any recipe suggestions with capers. My craving knows no bounds.


Francesca Bennetts (now!) said...

Yes! Pasta Puttanesca is the best pasta dish in the world and has capers. Delia (I know not very Italian of me) has a good recipe.

How are you?? I miss wedding discussions. Your long bouquet shown below is just beautiful.

Love to the Hound.


Anonymous said...

LUV, LUV Zumba! If you like to dance this is the perfect way to exercise while having fun shaking your stuff. I'm going tonight too just a different part of the world. Enjoy!

Love, Love, Love said...

Love Zumba...go twice a week...including tonight :)

Becca said...

I used to go to Zumba. If was fab and such a good work out, as well as super fun. Now I don't have time. I consider walking to the newsagents to get maltesars or jelly tots exercise. Yes I am five.

Welcome back Miss P and hello to Jane too. I like pictures of flowers. I went to Columbia Road at the weekend and now have 20000 glasses of daffodils. It's spring. Our flat has turned yellow.

ALSO ladies and gentleman I am now on twitter.

Mammamsterdam said...

Salsa verde: 1 bunch of flat parsley, 1 salted ansjovis (cleaned and wash the salt if is the salted sort, or the oil if it is the oliy sort), 1 garlic (how do you call in English the minimal garlic unit? One of them, anyway, a big one if you love garlic), salted capers until you can stand the solt (so add a bit at the time and taste in between) and good olive oil. Blend all, taste and add eventyally more oil and capers.

This is one of the classic sauces to accompany boiled meat (bollito misto, think of Spanish cocido without chickpeas) but I never get that far and spread it on goor crusty bread, boiled potatoes, anything relatively bland that needs a taste pump-up. i mean, you could even use it on spaghet in place of pesto.

Other one is vitello tonnato: again in the blender a can of tunafish in olive oil without the oil, as many capers as you can stand, and yes, this is also supposed to go with boiled veal roasted and thinly sliced and one spoonful sauce on the thin slice and a caper on top of it as a decoration, but hey, does anybody know how long it takes for veal to roast (or boil? Sauce was off by the time).

Dont' give salted capers to the Hound thou, not quite sure why but it cannot be good for him.

Joan said...

Funny, I have been to Jerusalem, Ireland, and Morocco. All three are great but just went to Morocco in May. People are amazingly friendly and polite. Food is freshly made and delicious. Holidays are reasonable in cost. And pretty cheap from London. If you love the modern / ancient mix and loads of colour and gardens and oranges hanging from trees waiting to be eaten, oh, and the Valley of the Roses, you have to GO!

flwrjane said...

Apparently we are all Zumba-ers, Past nine your time so you will have already been there.

Damn I wanted to warn you to bring water and when you think you can't dance one more step, you will look at the clock and find out only 30 minutes has passed BUT you will be able to dance one more and then one more.

I'll be thinking of you tonight when I'm sweating it out to Party Rock, you and becca with her house all daffy.

xo jane

Primchick said...

In the words of Shakira "your hips don't lie.." well, not until 3 dayz later when you will be as stiff as a board...happy wigglin' :oP

Anna Writes said...

I'm a Zumba convert too. I go twice a week and absolutely love it. i have so much more energy and definitely feel the difference if I miss it... the Christmas party session led by a middle aged man in a Reindeer themed mankini was a little odd but apart from that I can't fault it.

Also a huge caper fan over here. There's a Jamie Oliver recipe where you core potatoes and stuff with an anchovie, garlic and a sage.. I always bung a few capers in and it's amazing.