Liquorice allsorts

Scenes from the shop. I got a bit trigger happy with the scissors and a cyclamen plant, and we are still covered in glitter.

The Mother Hen has been in bearing gifts of hot coffee and getting The Hound all over excited. An hour after her departure he is still howling for her to return. Nice.

and Zumba. I loved it. The instructor had a mullet and a medallion and an air of a chuckle brother about him. He was brilliant.

I still think it is a cult, women all over the world dancing around in fluorescent lit village halls, when the call comes surely no Superpower can defeat us?

Thank you for all the helpful caper recipes and zumba advice and travel tips from yesterday's post. Today's query is Valentine's. I need a theme..........


Anna Writes said...

seems the Valentine's theme is stumping everyone else too then...

Did we have travel last year?? maybe Zumba could inspire a dance theme?

The glitter could just stay all year then.

Becca said...

How about red hearts? Surely not overdone yet.

This year I will get my usual mixed tape and origami animal. He will get dinner cooked and a new boxset for us to watch together. Any suggestions?

Maybe your theme could be music? If music is the food of love play on etc etc? You could learn to play the trumpet. I can play the clarinet. Between us and the ladies of the Zumba class I'm sure we could make a band?

Or Sherlock? Not a theme but I want to plaster my house with pictures of his cheekbones.

FlowerGirl26 said...

My friends and I host an 'I Hate Valentines' dinner. No red hearts allowed!. Last year I did two table centres in black containers with daggers sticking out of them. Perhaps if that's a little too gruesome, maybe just go with No Red Hearts Allowed. Blue ones, purple ones, yellow ones; they're all welcome.

Mrs T-J said...

ha ha ha, chuckle brother/Elvis impersonator with dodgy camouflage trousers. Have to go back this week for a guaranteed giggle fix and a red sweaty face! xxx