A day in the shop

I have written messages on the mirrors, in red lipstick. Cherry pop Collection 2000 for interested parties. It matches my nails, OPI Big Apple Red.

Red hearts are mixed with eucalyptus, The Hound has gone into hibernation, and Spring flowers reign.

I have a new assistant, who started out terribly keen, until she realised payment was a mini packet of Parma Violets.

Men are ordering flowers, i like it best when there are two in the shop at the same time. The unspoken fight to be the alpha male often results in them both leaving with a Hello Sailor.

and to the gentleman that said i should just hang a black and red bra up and be done with it, you were quite right. Somebody does actually make them.

and the debate of exactly how much snow is coming continues.


Becca said...

Miss P...BLATENT HINT for expensive underwear as a V-Day gift?


Anonymous said...

Just catching up on your blog ... missed a couple of days.... saw your splinter problem previous day:
Wrap a lily leaf/ or a section of one around the sore finger, secure with plaster or sticky tape.
I guarantee the splinter will be out and all the soreness gone in a couple of days.
Told to me by my Granny, who was a herbalist!
Lots of love to you and the Hound. X

Mrs T-J said...

Flowers and underwear, throw in some bottles of champagne and its a one-stop Valentine shop! xxx

Anonymous said...


Primchick said...

What ever happened to good old M&S undies......???
Blimey don't they feel a daft with all that lace...? :oP

The Other Becca said...

I love that the underwear is called Dahlia...it would fit right in.

flwrjane said...

OMG how many Becca's are there?

Truth in advertising.....she wants the goods and I don't think from the hound.

If this blog goes suspiciously quiet after Tuesday we'll know Miss P. got herself a bouquet of " Dahlias" or whatever they're calling them in England these days.

xo J,

Miss Pickering said...

It was not a blatant hint, have you seen the price of it? Also they only go up to a D cup, and well...