Men i would like to eat chips with part 3

Prof. Iain Stewart.

He was on television last night, climbing in trees, hanging out with elephants and horseshoe crabs, conducting experiments in glass cubes, and being frightfully knowledgeable about plants. Knowledge is the biggest turn on, along with laughter and FLOWERS and chips.

I am smitten. He lives in Plymouth, which is handy.

He has usurped Prof. Brian Cox, quantum physics is so 2011.

If you are new to the blog, welcome, it's an occasional series, there was another one, Men i would like to eat tuna carpaccio with.

In other news

I wish the other Miss P. would hurry back from the USofA. I miss her.
I have had the new semi-permanent mascara and curling from Equilibrium. It's amazing.
The Hound sleeps on a bed of duck down and has the heater next to him, he's just peachy, no need to be concerned about him, no need to stop me in the street every 5 minutes and ask after him, he is practically living on a tropical island. I am freezing, but don't worry about that.
I love Zumba
I have the mother of all splinters in my finger, i can't get it out, any suggestions?


Becca said...

I agree with this one over Clarkson. Mine is Rupert Penry-Jones. I would do a lot more than eat chips with him i.e. just eat him.

Have you tried sucking out the splinter? Or the less pornographic hot water or something?

Ashlyn@Blossom said...

Magnesium Sulphate. Every florist should have a pot.

Miss Pickering said...

Becca I agree, Clarkson was a low point, i was still high on having been in the audience.

Ashlyn, i like the sound of that, do i get it from Boots or do i need to nip to the chemistry labs at the boys' school?

Avril Leigh said...

Make a paste of softened soap and sugar, put it over the splinter and put plaster over for a few hours...it draws out the splinter.

Ashlyn@Blossom said...

I like to head down to the sciences department at manchester uni. You get in a lot less trouble.
Oh and mine is Jeremy Sheffield. Yum.

Anonymous said...

We have a stupid English Pointer who at the slightest hint of draught/excitement shivers and chatters her teeth. I mean, whoever heard of a gun dog that chatters its teeth?
People always stop and go 'awww poor thing' at her and shoot 'a look' at me.
I swear she does it on purpose!

Mrs T-J said...

Tom Hardy with everything for me, Miss P, I am going to plagiarise this idea for my next blog entry, you know what they say its the highest form of praise and I love Zumba too. Especially with you! Your hound and my hound clearly share the same paradise isle! xxx

Valley Flower Company said...

soak your hand until it looks like a translucent raisin then snip the soft skin over top of the splinter and pull it out....put some anti-bactiral goo on it and a bandaid and off you go!

Pigtown*Design said...

i think we need to play a few rounds of shag, marry, murder with some of your fellas... murder clarkson for certain. i used to love him, but he's said a couple of real stupid things recently, so he's off the list. now, mr. grand designs, kevin mccloud! shag or marry for sure!

Mrs Beard said...

I sort of agree, I was transfixed when he was on telly, but it's always going to be Javier Bardem and Benicio del Toro for me. Great big hulking hairy things. Grrr. Plus I worked them so I know they are glorious.