Fermeture annuelle

Mothering Sunday is finished, bouquets delivered, an empty shop.

Thank you to everybody that bought something for their Mummy.

and an even bigger thank you to my loved ones who so valiantly help every year.

I am overtired and have wept a lot. My work here is done.

Now there is adventuring, see you in a week or so.


Mrs B said...

Well done you. Enjoy the rest. Look forward to hearing all about it. Just a tad envious xx

Bow Street Flowers said...

Well deserved, Miss P! Can't wait to hear about the vacances.
Thanks to you, I helped a customer who was in the UK . She thought it was Mother's Day and panicked, ordering flowers for a good friend. Whew! We've got that order on reserve now. I never knew befor I followed you that there were two different dates!

Becca said...

Bonnes Vacances sil vous plait. As you can see my French is not upto much. Let me know if you are in London. We can eat goose fat thick hand cut chips or something not as specific as that description.

Urbanstems said...

Enjoy the break. Any ranunculas left?!!!! Sinead

flwrjane said...

Bye bye baby. Bye bye.

xo Jane

Mrs. Sutton said...

Enjoy the rest - you've made a lot of women VERY happy i'm sure!