SE4 and beyond

London, Brockley. To see Clara, to eat French toast and admire the magnolia in the sunshine.

and then to Shoreditch, and Hoxton, and Dalston, to be amongst the hipsters and their Disneyland that is Spitalfields. It's the stuff of blogs, achingly cool people in their straw trilbys, geek specs and moustache shaped everything. They all look the same. It made me giggle. Maybe i am getting old, or maybe being cool is a lot like the house with the golden windows.

We also went and had cake at Violet because when you see a mannequin on the street, you have to take it for cake and lemonade, such delicious lemonade.

Also ate beigels on Brick Lane
Went to Laetitia's book launch at Clifton nurseries
and met Ms Marmitelover
feasted on Corsican pizza with Cityboy1
bought kirby grips in Greenwich
drank gin in Primrose Hill
and turned data services off on the Blackberry

Such fun, and this was only the start................

what have you been doing in my absence?


flwrjane said...

Nothing quite that lovely. Missing you dreadfully, of course.

Working too hard in the garden and not enuf at work.

Celebrating GG's birthday for a week and then some.

And baby sitting!!

xo jane

Mrs. Sutton said...

Goodness me - that sounds like the most perfect weekend! For an ex-city girl now residing in the countryside - a dip of my toes back into the 'big smoke' sounds like heaven. Just a dip mind. Cupcake cafes, Primrose Hill (with or without gin - I'm not fussy) and freshly made bagels I could happily do everyday. The hipster trail along Brick Lane would leave me feeling too old and exposed as the wellie wearing bumkin I now am if done on too regular a basis - Daddio. x

Becca said...

You're back!

We've been enjoying the sunshine in leafy North London. The Boy is revising for his chartership exam.

'Cept that...nothing new.

Caroline said...

Great photos! It's my favourite part of London though I don't fit in at all, I'm a bit GAP...

domestikate said...

Oh, it all sounds brilliant. I roasted a chicken and made ice cream, went to spin, watched The Lion King, went to two beaches and one amusement arcade and had a fancy dinner out. So a different but equally brilliant weekend!

Nadine said...

When you see it everyday its easy to forget how nice the place you live is, so thank you for reminding what a lovely spot Brockley is!