How do you like your eggs in the morning?


The black pudding really is the best i have ever tasted. Serve with scrambled egg and toasted rye bread, and maybe a spiced tomato juice, maybe with a slug of vodka.


Double tulips.

Still contemplating going red

and antlers

and snipping at the pear tree waiting for the blossom

I need your book recommendations. I have read all mine, many times.

and i love bendy straws more than is normal for a grown woman.

Did you weekend? was it good? Did it involve bendy straws?


Bow Street Flowers said...

Reading on recommendation from a staff member, Middlesex. Eggs srambled with a bit of cream in butter, pepper and pecorino Romano. I prefer savory more and more.

Laura Coleman said...

Eggs. A great cause of discussion at yesterdays breakfast with friends.

I foxtrot to the song.

Is that a fritillaria print fabric tablecloth under the eggs? Or is it real flowers on a tablecloth and some very clever camera focus trick. If the former, where did you find the fabric? It would make for a very charming cushion.

Miss Pickering said...

I agree on the savoury, but then Easter eggs.....

Laura, it's a postcard that just happened to be on the kitchen table when we were having breakfast. Will keep my eye out for such fabric.

Mrs B said...

Might I suggest Emily Burningham's Fritillary fabric I and II.

Poached on brown.

Good luck this week.


Mrs T-J said...

Poached on granary but I am partial to a boiled egg, just cooled, shelled and eaten like a plum any time of day.

Sounds a bit odd that?

I've been told they dont have Fish n Chips shops in Melbourne? As for black pudding then forget it xxx

Becca said...

What kind of books do you like to read? I always have piles of recommendations- it just depends on what you enjoy. Would love to share. (And could use a few new reads myself!)

Megan said...

I have just discovered your blog. What a treat! Flowers (my kind of flowers), black pudding and greyhounds- it's everything I could possibly wish for.

Book-wise if you haven't read any Margaret Atwood you should. The Blind Assassin, Alias Grace or Oryx and Crake are good places to start. Oh and holy good moly, The Poisonwood Bible by Barabara Kingsolver will blow your mind. Read it hot weather, though.