Things in pots

I have been potting up and making pictures for the website

so i thought i'd put them here too.

because it's Mothering Sunday this Sunday, in 6 days, probably 5 by the time you read this, the blogging schedule has gone a little weird.

and is it just me, or does it get harder and harder every year to find a card that says Mummy and not Mum?

sometime i have to add in the m and the y with a pen. It's not the same.


Len said...

In Canada everything is Mom or Mommy forget even trying to find Mum. Canada has been Americanized.

Becca said...

I buy cards for Mothers Day (maybe about 8) and then send them to my Mum all year round. There are lots of "Mummy" ones here.

This post is much more up my street. This morning's bendy straw post was a bit rude and made me blush.

Mrs T-J said...

Drinking it in as I am going to a land of spiky things and plenty of Gerbera!

The sweetest yellow viola and chirpy tete a tetes, not showy just lovely. Missing already xxx

Miss Pickering said...

Just the straw Becca, just the straw.

It is not euphemism, it is just a straw.

Anne@A Little Fur in the Paint said...

Just beautiful! You have a lovely blog, and I'm a new follower! ♥
Anne :)

flwrjane said...

I'm sorry I must have just woken up from yesterday's time change.

Was it just a postcard lying on the table when WE were having breakfast?

xo ???

Becca said...

Jane, I clocked the WE too but was waiting to interrogate in person. I was still in shock from the straw.

Sometimes in my head I have breakfast with Damien Lewis (the Band of Brothers version). I don't think the WE was an imaginary WW1 soldier somehow. Not this time anyway.

cara said...

Your pots are unbelievably beautiful. You must teach me, I can't grow things.