In the shop


A new book by Laetitia Maklouf. Do you remember the first one?

This one is called Sweet Peas for summer. It is as lovely, but with extras because we get a mention. Yes we, the blog, that means all of you too. Amazing.

Buy it for that reason alone, buy it from me, we will be stocking it. It would make the perfect gift for Mothering Sunday.

It's the sort of book you don't need a degree in Latin or special qualifications from the RHS to read. I find those books intimidating. Also i have been to the pub with Laetitia, she is our sort.

In other news, people are being quite taken by Tillandsia Xerograhpica, I have been wearing one on my head.

and The Hound is being The Hound, and doing sod all to help with the impending weekend.


cara said...

Dogs are so selfish.

Becca said...

I NEED sweet peas in my bouquet. I can have sweet peas right?

If by "our sort" you mean likes to wear pajamas all the time and forgets to wear lipstick, then she is "our sort". If you mean she isn't like that, then I am worried I am not "your sort".

**off to cry in corner**

I will buy the book.

Mrs T-J said...

All I know is that I am a "sort"!

I want to be the hound right now!

Whoops I dared to suggest that Ozzie flowers were not as pretty as British ones to an Ozzie lady, this is what stress does, all tact and diplomacy out of the window! xxx

Skin and Blister said...

Will you be selling it in your online shop?

Definitely getting a copy.

Hoping I'm in with the "our sort", probably too much of an idiot but I can still buy the book and pretend.