Who knows what tomorrow brings?

Probably the same as today.

Potting muscari in bowls with Spanish moss, using pussy willow as supports for hyacinths, pricing, wrapping, waiting, daydreaming.

Until you can get started with the flowers, that's the thing with a perishable product. It's all last minute.

That's why i love it.

Also did you see the hat? Verdict? I loved it, such a pleasant change from Kate and her jaunty angled pill boxes.

We are still taking orders for Mothering Sunday, delivering locally on the day. What a treat.
and then we will be closed for a week.

Fermeture Annuelle, because of the fair, and the drum and bass and the candy floss, being 2 metres from the shop door.

We have plans.


Kay said...

i adored that hat too...she's so elegant..if i wore it i'd look like i'd hijacked a swan from the canal!!!we have been potting up like crazy too...have a great week..kay

amy thornburg said...

Loved the hat. Just started following your blog about a month ago, and like all things in my unfortunate consumerism life, have gobbled up your entire blog-dom from it's very beginning. Took me a few days on and off, but I feel as if....you are a dear friend. Creepy, huh? Was in England last summer for a few weeks, planning to come back.....hope to scout your shop. I'm in awe of what you do. :)

Mrs T-J said...

I loved the hat. I think Kate's influence has given a bit of well needed pep to the wardrobe of all the royal ladies.

Dare I say it but I am finding Kate's attire a tad too safe these days (apart from the daring hem lines and I know protocol are asking her to lenghten them but would you with pins like those?) As for the Coat Dresses Kate, enough already.

If your fleurs were Royal ladies Miss P, they would hit the right note every time, because they do! xxx