The case of the wrong ears


They only had set of ears left.

Easter bunny / Playboy Bunny.

Either way, they have kept customers entertained all morning.

May your long weekend be filled with chocolate eggs, baby lambs and frolicking bunnies.

Back on Wednesday.



Anonymous said...

One word. Spinster. (Guess whom)xxx

domestikate said...

These pictures of the hound make me laugh so much! You look infinitely sensible, of course.

fleur said...
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Mrs T-J said...

Two very yummy bunnies indeed but I do think the hound clinches it with that very fetching bow tie.

Both clearly born to wear bunny ears xxx

Becca said...

I love that the hound also sports the bow tie. Stylishly.

fleur said...

The hound is rabbit wonder!!!
Wish you a lovely eastermonday.
a florist from zurich, switzerland

Hartwood Roses said...

How sweet!!! What a good dog!

Anonymous said...

Amazing - that's the only comment to make, right?!