Who's zoomin' who?

Easter, cake, roast potatoes, chocolate, bunny ears, family. Except one member who is in Wisconsin. As you do.

A beautiful gift of flowers from the garden of The Stamford Hen.

A reminder of days gone by

and a card from Cara. As one would suspect, Cara gives good card.

and lily of the valley, because i can

and my new favourite rose Maracuja. All those different colours and all the same rose. Remember years ago when i predicted cherry brandy was the new amnesia, and Pantone went and made orange the colour of now,  this is the new cherry brandy.

Also these roses are 2 weeks old. I have no time for people who say roses don't last.

And today is proving to be one of frustration so Aretha Franklin is being played loudly, in an attempt to stop being so snippy with people.

I have just been snippy with some American tourists

"OMG Sheree look at  all these fake flowers"

Whatever. Sorry America.


Becca said...

Are the Americans now buried out the back under the olive tree and the herb garden?

I don't like Orange. Sorry Orange. But you know me. I like White. White. White. White. White. Fade to Whitey Pink...

fleur said...

mhhh- cake looks gorgeous-love Aretha and its a grey day in Switzeland too!
But peonies in watercolours make my heart beat....
have a nice afternoon

Blogs-blocked-at-work Mrs Beard said...

Orange is very wrong.

I love the white.

I love the ears, on both of you.

Amelia said...

Love the ears and the roses...all colors. Am especially envious of the lilly of the valley since I have been staring at mine daily for two weeks and no blooms yet...yet. Some Americans actually put plastic flowers in their flower boxes to have all year,hence they don't know the difference, ugh. This from an American who loathes the practice.

Bow Street Flowers said...

My absolute favorite Aretha Franklin song. I don't drive very safely when I hear it. Rock On!

Anonymous said...

Oh Miss P, how I do heart you!