Works in progress

Is that memory lane rose annoying you as much as it is I?

and the ronaldo tulip would be better if it were a pauline violet ranunculus? and it needs much more jasmine? because it smells quite earthy, its the white bridal wotsit i cut from the garden. Pretty but not the best scent ever invented.

Probably better shot with a 50mm. I am weaning myself off it.

Sometimes the best way to look at something is to photograph it.

and then take it apart and start again.

The Hound is lying on his back all four paws going as he chases rabbits in his sleep.

It never gets old.

also the Olympic torch is coming right past the shop, is this something people are going to be interested in? In general, not just when it's outside my shop. Will people be 6 deep trying to catch a glimpse of it? Should we have a party? Does somebody run with it all the time? Or does it go in a car along the motorways?


the veg artist said...

Re the torch, our local paper has listed where the car carrying the torch will stop, where the runners will go, and where a car will pick it up again, so this info should be available via the Olympic site. Personally, I'm wondering which boxed set to buy for the duration!

flwrjane said...

It went down our street years ago. We all lined up to watch then after the excitement retired to our respective homes.

Prob much more fun in front of your shop.

Flags a must.

xo J.

Becca said...

There will need to be an Olympic themed window. Maybe you will make BBC Lincolnshire news if you are VERY lucky. This should not interfere with the planned Royal Jubilee window. We have expectations of the queen's face on a coin in a snow globe.

Or am I missing the point of snow globes?

I may be around on the weekend of the 12/13 May (wedding fair at t'venue). Are you around or will you be wedding-ed up to the eyeballs?

Becca said...

I may or may not have just written "Kind Regards" at the bottom of that email. If I did please delete as I was clearly not concentrating at work.

Bow Street Flowers said...

YES! photographing the arrangement always shows me the holes, the wrong symetry. And I have all my students take a photo of their efforts so they can see why a big white flower among a bunch of other colors is WRONG... how they love adding white!

Martin & the Magpie said...

the smell cannot possibly be as bad as the Crown Imperial Fritillaria we had in the shop last week, as beautiful as they looked I didn't dare put them in anything but the bin!!!...x

Caro said...

I think the torch coming right pass your shop is very exciting and any excuse for a party or even a cheer or two must be a good thing. I shall make the effort to go and see it when it comes near us. The chances are I won't get to see it again in my lifetime and what with Olympics and the Jubilee it should be a fun summer even if the weather is horrible!
Is it the Feverfew flower that makes the woody smell? I always find it so pretty but not a good scent although better than the flowering currant bush which is out at the moment looking pretty but smelling of cat's pee.
Don't you just love it when dogs chase bunnies in their sleep we had a standard wired haired daschund who was always so busy I miss him.

Miss Pickering said...

Apparently there is a practice torch run next week. The whole town is being shut down for the practice.

I am going to practice cheering at the practice torch.


megan said...

I love the bouquet.
And I finish, then take apart and remake at least half of my bridal bouquets.