Expired film

of the Polaroid variety.

I have quite a few Polaroid cameras, one had some film in it.

Not very good film as it happens.

and like everything, it's not as easy as it looks.

Did you have a good Bank Holiday?

I worked, all of it. Weddings.

Are we ready to see weddings?


A rather hungry Becca said...

Dear Miss P. I have had a shocking day, am starving and would like to see some weddings to cheer myself up. Please. Obvs from me.

The weekend was good. I lay on the sofa and looked out the window whilst the rain flattened my patio mint and washed out all my sweet peas. Stupid rain. I hope the weddings were not washed out. Not that it matters if they are because obviously is not about the weather. Did they do sweetpeas?

Rosa said...

Love the look of the old polaroids!

Mrs T-J said...

I loved the excitement and amazement as the picture developed before your eyes, its a 70's icon!

Yes definitely ready for weddings especially where your wonderful creations are involved.

Radders and me send big hugs to the boy and Radders sends an invite to the beach, I tried to explain the impossible logistics but he wasnt having any of it! xxx