The sun always shines on tv


Once upon a time The Other Miss Pickering sent away for an A-HA t-shirt. It was in the days pre-internets, when you had to wait 28 days for delivery. By the time she got the t-shirt she had moved on to Bros. Grolsch bottle tops and all.

This has nothing to do with the wedding, it's just a little bit of trivia. I'm all about the trivia

This was the wedding of Lucy and Matt, uber creative couple, and i mean couple, groom as involved as the bride. They did everything, from the place cards to burning wood signs. I'm sure there is a more technical term for burning wood?

Colour was the order of the day, peonies, sweet peas, clematis, roses, bluebells, and as usual, Uncle Tom Cobley.

and in other news, 2 new shops are opening around the corner. An ice cream cafe, and a 1950's inspired clothing shop.

I hope they do pistachio.


fleur said...


Zombelina said...

Ooh, one of my useless facts may come in handy today. The wood burning for decorative effect business is called Pyrography.

I have no idea how or why I know that!

Becca said...

I am a mint choc chip fan. And chocolate. There has to be chocolate. But the proper chocolate, rich...not the fake stuff you buy at a supermarche that is not Waitrose. Farm shop chocolate ice cream.

I am not vaguely creative. Plus I am not sure that anything creative goes with a giant pink 25 foot flamingo. Hints and tips anyone?

Mrs Beard said...

I won the Blue Peter AHA competition in the 1980s. My postcard was picked off the giant pile and my nerdy answer to the question 'what type of word is AHA?' (a palindrome) was read out on telly.

My prize?

A casette of the album and a lifesize cutout of the band. And a Blue Peter badge. (I have 5 in total).

I know, tragic.

Becca said...

Mrs Beard. How do you have FIVE blue peter badges? I have a green one (for effort for the environment). Just the one.

Cherry said...

Just discovered your lovely blog. I am a Pooh Bear Icecream fan - honeycomb and vanila - yumm!

fleur said...

Dear Miss P.

Is this the vuvuzela rose?
Or Juliet?

Greetings from, sunny Switzerland

Mrs B said...

Well my bad day has just got worse. I hopped over here to cheer myself up but have discovered there are people with 5 Blue Peter badges??? I don't even have one like Becca. It remains a lifelong ambition. I hold my hand up to not trying incredibly hard when I was younger but am I that much of an under achiever?

Please tell me I'm not alone.....

Mrs Beard said...

If it makes anyone feel any better about my Blue Peter achievements, I was only allowed to watch BP and the News when I was little. NO OTHER TELLY.

Hence all the badges.