If you want to kiss the sky


The shop is looking very "dustbowl" today. The Hound is wearing braces.

Which is a little odds with the sound of bagpipes coming from outside.

I can't see the person playing them, but i hope whomever it is stops soon.

Whilst we ponder how Mrs Beard has 5 Blue Peter badges, could you also ponder on what one might wear, were one being photographed for a magazine again?

and also your hay fever cures, steroids and I have broken up. It wasn't amicable, we aren't staying friends.

In exchange for the information i can tell you

Coral charm

and if you are British could you stop using y'all, and figure? Whilst it is perfectly charming from the lips of Les Americans, it isn't in others.

I realise i now sound like one of those old ladies that used to write to Miss Bland.

Girls were seen talking to boys in the High Street

I am off to throttle the bagpipe player.


Lisa Jane said...

I think I just want to hang out in your shop. Such beautiful flowers :)

fivegoblogging said...

I can confirm that the bagpipe player has now moved up the High Street in the direction of red lion sqr. Passed him this morning. I was disappointed he wasn't wearing a kilt. I have no information regarding underpants.
Nice flowers by the way :-)

Becca said...

I love the coral charm. That is my one concession to colour today. We shall get there one day.

I spent my lunch hour composing letters to Blue Peter. Only four to go...is Blue Peter even ON anymore? If so, I definately think the Hound should audition.

Could you blog post the ice cream menu please?

FlowerGirl26 said...

Re: outfit for magazine - wear your favourite outfit. Even it's utterly outrageous.

Re: hayfever - there is a gadget that you shove up your nose and it pulses infra red, or something like that, at your sinuses. Can't think what it's called but it's been proven to be very effective if used for 20mins a day. If I find out what it's called, I'll let you know.

Kay said...

send him to me ...i love bagpipes!!

Anonymous said...

Am falling in love with succulents after seeing what you can do with them. They don't give us hayfever!

Mrs B said...

Loving the log slices.


Mrs Beard said...

I wasn't allowed to watch any telly, just Blue Peter and the news.

This kind of deprivation leads to 5 badges.

After the AHA triumph my second favourite one was my badge for designing an outfit for Caren Keating.

flwrjane said...

I must not speak English, don't understand half of your chat BUT I understand how cool those succulents look all planted up in trophy urn and am off to work to do the same.

Thank you for inspiration.

What magazine?

xo Jane