Have you got the green pots?

There are unforgettable moments to every wedding, sometimes it's the torrential rain and hurricane winds when you are trying to install a marquee.

Sometimes it's a supplier telephoning to say he made a mistake and your plants are now coming 24 hours later than you thought.

Or sharing the whole experience with Julia from You and Your Wedding magazine, and Tori Hancock on camera. Who were supposed to be shadowing me, but ended up doing an awful lot of doing.

Or it's standing in the middle of a sitting room, moments before the off, in amongst a bride, 10 bridesmaids and  associated family members. The chatter is off high heels and gravel, and the cries of

"What time is it?"
"Is it raining again?"
"Where is my umbrella?"
"We should have left by now"
"Samuel! come back with that bouquet"

and other times it's standing outside a church, refastening the straps to the back of the bride's dress, and carrying her train through the churchyard to be met by the wedding photographer coming the other way, as i shouted out

"I'm not a bridesmaid, I'm the florist, don't take my picture"

and then seconds later getting caught in an enormous cloud of hairspray as the stylist swoops on the bride before she heads down the aisle.

and then other times it's standing in a hotel, delivering buttonholes and the groom telling you the marquee has blown away, it hadn't as it turned out, but as i drove to the marquee with journalist and photographer at my side, there was more than a little panic in my eyes.

and other times it's falling about laughing with the bride over the green pots.

I love being a part of peoples' wedding days.


Becca said...

The wedding looks fab and I can't wait to see the spread in the magazine. You'll have to have a competition for a signed paw printed copy.

P.S. You and Jane can be my bridesmaids and then you can have your picture taken by Polly.

I hope it stops raining soon. My curls just frizz to the front and I end up looking like I have a mane #anotherreasonIcouldneverhaveafringe

flwrjane said...

I had to enlarge each and every photo to marvel at your cleverness.

Why have I never thought to do this before?

Love the hanging pots v.clever.

So excited to be sharing the spotlight with you at Becca's wedding.

I have very fine straight hair cut in a bob. No fringe, no frizz, no body.

Will this do?

xo Jane

JuliaYYW said...

My life has felt a little emptier since Friday due to absence of green pots. Love this post!

Janet said...

Goddamn are they all Phillip starck chairs? Whose wedding was this?