I love colour

In my home, in flowers and on my nails.

Pictures from the archives to illustrate a point

or because i can't find the cable that links the camera to the laptop to bring you anything new


Last night i stumbled upon Grayson Perry's programme on class and taste.

the angst of the middle classes

the new middle class disciples to known brands, painting their homes in drab and dead mouse from the ubiquitous Farrow and Ball. Terrified of getting it "wrong"

and the old middle class, culturally rich, who fall over themselves to be the most individual. Terrified of getting it "right"

It made me giggle, my first thought "those Penguin book mugs are so contrived"

I can laugh at myself.

If i find the cable, tomorrow there will be a how to.

It won't involve flowers, i've been getting my craft on

and in other news, The Queen is coming to town today, for a picnic.

obvs. It's raining.

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Janet said...

Damn I love your photos, and I wish I lived closer, I would be in your shop every day