Hey I heard you are a wild one

If I took you home
It'd be a home run
Show me how you'll do

I want to shut down the club
With you
Hey I heard you like the wild ones

Is it a full moon?

There is a strange wind blowing through today.

The Hound is sleeping in his bed the wrong way round, I have bought carnations and Flo Rida is on repeat.

and i feel like I'm the only florist in the world who isn't all "PEONIES!!!!!!!!!!!"

I like them, but I don't think they are all that. Imagine a finger snap and sassy hip flick.

Give me love-in-a-mist, feathery, tactile, delicate, make nice headpieces.

It's the weekend again, the weekend of the really big headpiece.


Mrs B said...

I'm with you girl (sucks teeth).

They've been disappointing this year. Although I have just purchased some gorgeous red ones.

I'm already onto Dahlia - short concentration span.

Happy weekend. Looking forward to the really big headpiece


cara said...

PEONIES!!!! (and polaroids.)

I tend to think that they're not all that and then I see them and I smell them and I love them. There was a stall at Union Square farmer's market in New York selling only home grown peonies, about 6 square meters of them. I swear every woman in lower Manhattan was gathered around that stall elbowing each other to get to the best ones.

last day of may said...

they tug at my heart strings...remembering the peony field my folks lived by in norfolk and we picked for my wedding bouquet. but. i getcha. have bought them this year and they didn't open. admittedly from tesco as ma & pa now live down the rd from us.

love love-in-a-mist. i am awaiting some promised seeds so i can grow some in our garden. me and elsa will rock mega headpieces next year. watch the blog.

have a pretty weekend xXx
oh ps i am loving dill in my little flower arrangements cut from the garden. i say arrangements but you know i mean a few bits stuck in a teacup ;)

Becca said...

The only peonies I've seen (I almost typed something else then missing out the o and the e...anyway) are in M & S and they don't count because they are not the size of a dinner plate. I have higher expectations

I want to go home and drink the hard stuff and eat carbs. Luckily I am not going to Marbs so carbs are OK.

Jenny Rudd said...

Miss P I am typing this in ENGLAND. Can you imagine how excited I am to be home? Let's organise some kind of Stamford sesh xxx

StarletStarlet said...

Dear Miss Pickering,

I found out about your blog from L&S - and am totally in love!

I have the first two wild flowers growing so happily in my yard - and the bees & butterflies are as happy too! Do you know what they're called?

I happened to love peonies, they're not that over-used in my area, in fact, my hubby and I will be the only ones who'd have them blooming in our neighborhood filled with roses (yes, we've done our research!)

Heiress Emma said...

I completely agree with you about love in a mist. I think I may be the only bride who saw peonies at the market the day before her wedding and thought "oh well, no cosmos, no sweet peas, no cornflower, and no paper daisies. Bugger. I suppose I'll throw a couple of those peonies in if they're that cheap".

Megan said...

I like your blog, your flowers, and your hound, and your love of that Florida single (refuse to pronounce it any differently from the state. Though, to be fair, if I'm listening to it as much as I am he has really won, silly name and all). Keep it up!