Skyrockets in flight


Cake or flower flags for a party or for a new window display.

The Jubilee window was the most successful ever. Well almost.

but now we must make way for something new.

this is just the start of a window full of pink froth and lashings of gold shimmer.

Cake flags seem to be everywhere, i first saw them here. Divine styling.

They are simple to make, and they look very different depending on type and colour of ribbon, girth of stick, etc.

I use bbq skewers because they cost 58p from Wilkos.


fleur said...

marvelous- and marvelous weather too suddenly! In Switzerland.

last day of may said...

i love these! i have the sticks in the drawer (not one barbeque this year) i have the ribbon. just need the cake.

domestikate said...

Lovely lovely lovely!

flwrjane said...

Afternoon delight indeed.

You're always a thrill Miss P.

xo Jane

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Will there be angel delight? Hmm, a celebratory bowl of strawberry angel delight with flags...could be a dinner party saviour!

Sarah -x-