English eccentrics

I like that in 1967 there was an ice rink managers golfing society.

I'm not sure how many golf playing ice rink managers there were to make up the society.

It makes for a good receptacle for flowers.

The John Wilson trophy lives on.

I may set up my own, One eyed florists sailing society.

The trophy will be much bigger, and made of gold.

Other suggestions welcome.


Becca said...

Does your sailing society mean I don't get dibs on the Captains Boat for Rio?

Lets drink gin.


Miss Pickering said...


I will check with The Captain, but i don't think his boat fits into any Olympic class.

Mrs B has requested a horse, and that i can do. A World championship dressage one as it happens (i have the best customers)

Might you consider an equestrian sport?


Mother Hen said...

The Captain frowned at the mention of his boat being requisitioned, especially as he had just spent an inordinate amount of money on , anodes, sounders and all things technical and marine like. He is however accepting guests this weekend and I will endeavour to locate a gold cup/medal. Actually thinking about this did I not bring you a large gold chocolate coin back from a recent trip to The Tower, is this not acceptable? xxx

Becca said...

Miss P - I'm not a fan of dressage - it appears to be horses just doing ballet. It makes me jealous as I am not light of foot.

Mother Hen, I would LOVE to come for the weekend but I am saving my nautical stripes for the Cape. And I'm not sure you meant me but I would like a medal please.

Having thought about it for the afternoon I would consider show jumping because they have those nice jackets and then Zara and I could be BFFs.

Mrs T-J said...

...and just sometimes the comments are as entertaining as the blog.

I concede defeat on the wit front and choose to admire on both counts from the wings. xxx

Anonymous said...

Absolutely breath taking! The rich colors together make the photos sing!

Floret said...

what a beauty!!!

rmarie said...

Oh please Oh PLEASE may I be in your one eyed florists sailing society?! I will walk any plank you present. And I will come with my own parrot. Or peg-legged dog. you decide.