Not dah-lee-ah, unless you reside in the land of Ryan Lochte.

It's a shame the swimming has finished now.

Although Robbie Grabarz (actual name) in the high jumping has done a lot to make up for a lack of Ryan on our screens.

also I now have a parrot.

which I am going to carry on my shoulder, hopefully then certain customers won't stand on my shoulder instructing me on how to make a bouquet.

and using the incorrect pronunciation for dahlia.

and whilst we are on the topic, it's pee-on-knee

not pee-own-ay.

and i can out Latin the lot of you, so if you are going to ask for something using it's Latin name, make sure you get it right.

*That* customer came in today.


Sprout said...

I think most New Englanders say dal-yuh, two syllables with a diphthong and with the "a" as in cat or hat. Have never heard the "day" pronunciation but have also yet to meet a person who has studied Latin.

That "dah" thing is for Southerners.

I hear you on peony.

Mrs B said...

I've been told my box needs watering. Charming.

Love the general public


Becca said...

Oh My God. I say Dah-lee-ah. Does this make me a Southerner. I have never been considered a Southerner in my life (except by people from the North).

Have another snickers x

Terri said...

I had to laugh at the peony reference. Where I was born the gorgeous flowers are often called "piney".

Tracy x said...

not a great day then....

Anonymous said...

oh i hate the 'i know more about floristry than you for i have been on a days course in london you know' customers. i had one in a couple of weeks ago saying the stems had not been cut, after questioning how 100cm lily stems were now in proportion to various shorter flowers she was certain i was incorrect. in terms of how to say things - 'cam pan ooouu lllaaarrr' has to be the best i've come across. keep up the good work, i'm pleased to hear other florists suffer too!

Mrs T-J said...

I think I say it wrong, but I love them, particular fave Bishop of Landaff.

With such an appalling injury I can only admire you more Miss P for facing it up with humour, what shall we call the pretty polly? xxx

Mrs T-J said...

Postscript: Aussies wont know what either would be, nevermind the pronunciation.

Birds of Paradise are called crab claws here. Yep can see that

The trend here in "floral" displays is to use lots of dried seeds, pods, outback scrub bushes, anything thats dead basically!

Anonymous said...

The best 'mispronounciation' I've ever come across was when standing behind another customer in a florist I heard her ask for 'some of that gypsy-feel-ya'!


Heiress Emma said...

Day-lee-ahs are my favourite flower, and I'm an aussie... though an aussie florist, so.

Mrs B said...

I have just remebered the worst one we've had - hy-dron-jar

Mrs T-J said...

Thank you Heiress Emma I stand corrected but I am yet to see any in Melbourne, I will keep my eyes peeled and let you know! xxx

LePetitSoldat said...

A customer once asked if I had any "Scabies" in stock...clearly they wanted Scabiosa. My response, would you like a hug?.

LePetitSoldat said...

A customer once asked if I had any "Scabies" in stock...clearly they wanted Scabiosa. My response, would you like a hug?.

Valley Flower Company said...

I'm always a huge fan of "you guys got any of that babies breast?"

hand meet forehead.