Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air

You know it's time for a break when for the 56th time that day a random stranger shouts

"Found any treasure yet love?" or "have you lost your ship?"

Instead of an icy glare or a put down that involves a reflection on the size of their manhood, you just cry. I have no idea what it is about an eyepatch that has men forgetting all their social graces, answers on a postcard please.

and because i love a cliche, this pirate headed to the boat, and set sail

Fowey in Cornwall, the town with a new bakery, where the taxi's are boats, the houses are bedecked with pots, and celebrities live on the edge of the harbour.

where whippets sell tickets for boat trips, the ducks can hear the sound of a bead bag rustling from 3 miles away, and kayaks are filled with flowers, and where the harbour masters have boats named Zebedee, Brian, Dougal and Florence. Set the VHF to channel 12 and listen to them chatting away

"Zebedee, Zebedee, this is Brian. Over"

I want to live there, the blue house is for sale. Everybody that lives in such places, says it's not all rainbows and butterflies, i think they are lying.

Sort of like when a lovely lady comes to the shop, all wide eyed enthusiasm at the prospect of opening her own.

and she is met with a florist who needed a holiday, and said things like

"Don't do it, it's too late for me but SAVE YOURSELF"

"It's such hard work, and you go to dinner parties with bankers and lawyers and people will ask what you do and you'll say florist, and they will give you that look"

"and you'll never get the chance to have a Saturday off EVER again"

Sorry about that.


Jen said...

Sounds like a perfect getaway. I want to live there too!
I confess to once having the flower shop fantasy until I made friends with a florist.

flwrjane said...

On no need to apologize to me.

A Saturday off, what's that?

But it's just perfect where you've run off to...

I always want to pack up and move to a pretty holiday spot.

Did you know we got 2 kittens?

Come see them when you're back home.

xo jane

Kay said...

stop beating yourself up....everybody needs a break...gets fed up with the general public or thinks the grass is greener on the other side..hope you feel recharged now, Fowey looks beautiful i have been there once a long long time ago on a very wet november day...my little daughter bought a pink elephant and then dropped it in the sea ..there were tears!!....xx

Becca said...

The look is 'I wish we had any job but this one because mine is horrific but we can't say that because we only think in 6 minute intervals and if I think something other than work I have to spend another 6 minutes in this hole of an office at the end of the day'.

I spent this weekend making a list of what we would buy if we won the lottery.

Still....I am going on holiday soon and am meeting Jane for cawfee. Can the kittens come too?

Also....buy the blue house. It looks amazing. Did you manage to ask the captain about my borrowing the boat for Rio?

Rachel Anne Cronin said...

oh, I love Fowey. I went there in June, ate rocky road from Kitows for breakfast every morning, lounged outside the Galleon drinking my body weight in white wine and fell in lust with a barman from the Ship Inn. I'm so moving there. You should definitely buy the blue house!

Whitney-Anne Baker said...

as one who lives in a very similar place I can tell you that it is beautiful but stiffling. Miles from any culture, miles to drive to the cinema, shops, train station, London 4 hrs on the train. Keep it for holidays!
As for the patch - reckon you should paint The Evil Eye on it and just STARE at anyone making comments until they begin to quiver and beg for mercy. Either that or fix one of those joke eyeballs on a spring to it and totally freak people out. Do hope you don't have to keep it on for too much longer. Courage Mon Brave!

Mrs Beard said...

I am glad you had a holiday (with nice ducks) very much deserved.

If any more 'men' make any more comments about your patch I will send Mr Beard to come and personally kick them all up the backside.

Sue said...

love love love Fowey, we stayed in the house in your 4th photo, amazing. Yes buy the blue house

Mrs B said...

We've missed you.

What a lovely time it looks like you had with the family.

Why not ask The Captain to buy the blue house? Surely the best of both worlds! I discovered on my trip recently that the flat white has reached parts of Cornwall so I think you'd be ok.

A customer recently told me she always wanted to be a Florist but her parents, both Doctor's, told her to study medicine because she could always be a Doctor who arranged flowers but she couldn't be a Florist who practiced medicine. Perfectly summed up I thought.

I daren't tell you what I shouted to a customer today.

Sending much love xxx

Sian said...

I adore Fowey, it is divine. And so is the blue house. Sam's serve the best burgers around.