According to the internets

no large mammal on the entire planet can outrun a Saluki over a 3 mile distance.

Probably quite a few things could outrun this one, he hasn't really maximised his potential as yet.

The Other Miss Pickering and I were chatting about the Olympics and the Paralympics, we are equally obsessed. I fear people not of this great land are missing out on the Paralympics television coverage.

but don't worry because we are winning ALL the medals anyway.

The tagline for London 2012 is "Inspire a generation", but we were discussing if the games had inspired the wrong generation?

The roads seem to be full of cyclists and runners of a certain age, has it inspired the youth?

This is an actual question to you, because i don't know any youths.

Now that term has started again, does everybody rush to P.E.?

also does anybody have a CF card reader they can recommend, because the cable for the camera has disappeared  otherwise this post would be full of images of bouquets of dahlia, salvia, rannunculus and mint wrapped in greaseproof paper and tied up with brown string.


Debs Dust Bunny said...

I have to tell you, the photos of your lovely dog make me feel so relaxed. I know stroking a dog lowers blood pressure but I think this dog does it photographically. If you could bottle the effect and sell it you would be rich! : ) Thanks!

Mrs Beard said...

He has such an excellent nose.

Whitney-Anne Baker said...

Yor dog is clearly maximising his potential for sleeping - which is a much under rated activity.
As for inspiration . . I've twice overheard kids outside my window in the street saying "on your marks, get set,go!" though who knows how long that will last.

Raye S. said...

I use a Kingston CF card reader, been very faithful for the last two years and has good reviews from Amazon.

Also, love pics of the puppy :) He looks very relaxed!


Tracy x said...

apart from mine, this boy of yours is my most favourite hound

they just photograph so well
everyone should have a hound

t x

Mrs T-J said...

You can't move for "mamils" on bikes at the weekend here in Brighton (Melbourne)! It's serious stuff, long gone are the cheap Japanese sports cars, pot bellies and leather jackets.

Mamil = Middle Aged Men In Lycra

Lovely to see the puppy xxx

Anonymous said...

He's bored ,he hasn't blogged recently!

Anna Wilson-Patterson said...

Aaahhhh The Hound.

Your flowers are beautiful, but we also need our hound fix... x

Dave said...

Preserving strength for the next pheasant chasing steeplechase I imagine. It's all about peaking at the right time.