Like the oysters of a chicken, the crunchy bits in the bottom of the roast potato tin, or scraping out the last of the cake mixture with your finger.

Sometimes the leftovers are the best bit.

Snapped stems, blown roses fashioned into something half decent and it's picture taken.

and the mixed bunches.

Autumn is slowly but surely approaching, market is full of rosehips and gourds and tulips. Are you ready for it? Or are you hanging on to the last of the summer?

Echinacea is the new billy ball.

Autumnal buttonholes coming up soon.........


Becca said...

We like buttonholes. We await eagerly.

I like the leftover bits the best too. No scraping of the roast potato tin though because there are NO carbs in my life.

Freda said...

Sad I know, but I am hanging on in vain hopes of an Indian summer. Must get a grip! It's wet and windy here.

Mrs T-J said...

Or the toasted bits of melted cheese on the bottom of the grill pan that have escaped from your overloaded toastie xxx

Happy Homemaker UK said...

I'm definitely hanging on to it :) The flowers against the grey wall is simply stunning!

Jane Ng said...

Pretty cool arrangement. Flowers were in good combination. a good Florist working on it.