and even if i am in love you

all this to say, what's it to you?
observe the blood, the rose tattoo
of the fingerprints on me from you

Marlene on the wall

how did this bridal bouquet get from this to the pictures above?

The weather, that's how.

Bright bright sunshine changed everything, the other colour way was verging on the insipid with a wedding at high noon.

Like when you see those all white rose domes and they bleach out and the bride just ends up looking 7 months pregnant.

So the day before the wedding, i called the bride in and re-sampled it.

and we added in the something blue because she had decided against wearing blue shoes.

and the bride was very happy.

Wedding flowers; it's a fluid process.


Emily said...

Your photography just keeps on getting better and better. Loving your style so very much. You need a book soon please x

Jen said...

Mmm...Love how it is both moody and charming.

Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful. I'm looking, looking, looking at it. You are so clever