Pot et fleur

It sounds fancier in French

Plants and flowers mixed together in one container.

Plants of heather, orchid, astilbe and ornamental brassica

and flowers that were lying around.

It's for the window.

I didn't make it like the girl in the video. technically not dissimilar but i didn't wear gloves.

do people watch tutorial videos on You Tube?

I do, I like this one for hair, and this one for hounds

but it is an actual question, if you read this blog for the flowers, do you watch floral tutorials? Are there any good ones?


linzi said...

I read this blog for the flowers mainly, i am a designer/artist with ambitions of becoming a florist, but with no college courses near me and (as of yet) no florists taking on trainees that i can find, i have decided in the time being to take matters into my own hands and start experimenting and blogging the results as i go..
I've watched a few things on videojug, and am planning on trying this one out on a friend's un-suspecting dog...http://www.videojug.com/film/how-to-make-a-floral-dog-collar
i have to say, i find most of these videos a bit un inspiring and dated, which is strange as surely online videos should be recent..maybe there is a gap online for floristry tutoirals that dont remind me of a qvc shopping channel set up. xL

Jiilian said...

Well I have been reading your blog for about 2 years now for the flowers, but also for your wit and charm. I did attempt floristry for awhile. (You are rather inspiring!) But after an interview with the most terrifying florist in the world, I gave up on doing it professionally. I agree with Linzi. A lot of the videos on the web are rather dated. Or to be quite frank, have really dull arrangements. I loved your how to wear flowers in your hair tutorials. Would you consider maybe posting an occasional tutorial video?

lou said...

yes i watched a video! after being a florist for many years and managing to avoid them a customer asked for a wrist corsage using an elasticated wristlet - i only got through making it and not throwing it across the room due to the calm american lady on my laptop

kelly said...

that hair video is brilliant! do you watch the cut by fred ones? i need him to be my hairdresser. x

ginger from the style of being said...

I read your blog for your humor...and to gaze and dream. Flowers don't last long in my climate - it will be snowing here in a few weeks. I would love to be surrounded by flowers.

Love this arrangement...especially how you've placed purple atop an orange cabinet. Gorgeous color.

Bow Street Flowers said...

My God. I have been asked to put fresh flowers with plants and I recoil in horror! Your lovely arrangement does make a 'pot et fleur' look interesting, but at what cost and how the heck did you construct it?

Mrs T-J said...

I only watch cooking ones, saw a brilliant one on how to extract perfect lettuce cups everytime without tearing them!

After my 10 thumbed attempt at making a Christmas Wreath at one of Miss P's fabulous classes, I much prefer to see the beautiful results of your talent than ever attempt and subsequently insult the art of floristry myself xxx

Mrs Beard said...

I read your blog because you are my friend.

Also to keep tabs on lovely new possible flowers for November (droppy pink things from this post are on the list, right?)

I would watch videos on and off. Especially if we buy a farm as is the current plan.

The last one I watched was a tutorial on how to remove an egg yolk from an egg white with a plastic bottle.

If you did videos I'd watch them ALL.